New term - fresh start #1 - me

That's for you and for me. I'm my own worst enemy, and I really can't cope with more than one job.

One of the things I loved about teaching was exactly what was so hard about it. You're always on; every minute of your working life is planned out. Literally. You know what you're doing every minute because you've ACTUALLY PLANNED IT. I used to plan my lessons in ten minute chunks, and sometimes those would be subdivided into actual minutes. My free periods were similarly planned, allocating a specific number of minutes to calling Mrs Prosser to discuss Nathan's vocabulary learning difficulties and ask if she could help him with it, marking 8D's homework, preparing an interactive game for the year 13s on the sociological background to Kiffe Kiffe Demain (thank you returning the hole punch I borrowed from the Art department last week, etc etc. Similarly for the time before and after school.

My non-teacher family and friends didn't understand this . They'd get irritated by my failure to answer texts during the day and protest that I couldn't be busy ALL the time. "Er... yes I can..." I'd say. I'd switch my phone off when I got off the bus and back on when I left the building in the evening.

Anyway, I mention this now because since I have NOT been a teacher, the wheels have come off the bus. I have become terminally unproductive. I have a non-teaching part-time job in education, a book to publicise, an acting hobby, a gym habit, universities to talk to, emails to write, emails to chase up, emails to answer, emails to discard, emails to swear about, articles to write, screenplays to market, lines to learn, acting applications to make... and the rest. I have quite a lot of time left over when my part time, non-teaching job is done, but somehow I suffer from terminal procrastination and quite often end up making endless lists which I set aside and never look at again.

But not any more! It's a new year, a fresh start and a reinvigorated new me. Look forward to regular updates!

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