SORRY, SORRY, SORRY. I missed you; I hope you missed me too... 😉

And yes, gratuitously using words from my favourite song of all time.

It's been a loooong time since I posted. Several reasons for this.

a) I've been getting the book ready. Editor Kay Leitch has been a source of excellent advice, humanely delivered and expertise about things I didn't even know existed. It is largely thanks to her that the book will see the light of day. Illustrator Naomi Wilkinson has created a beautiful cover for me and designer Den Vecchio, my very great and long-suffering friend, has performed the role of book designer, a role I didn't even know existed. We're almost good to go now!

b) I've been moving all my posts from my old blog site to this shiny new one. Each post needed new categorisation, new hashtags and a new image. This is because my talented designer daughter decreed that my old blog was 'shocking' and all the images 'terrible'. She has therefore designed this new one for me. Aren't I a lucky mother?

c) I've been doing work for Lime Engagement Agency who work with primary and secondary school teachers of years 5 to 8 to provide a PSHE programme - the Choices Programme - which aims to equip your people with resilience, critical thinking and problem -solving skills to empower them to create their own better future. It's a wonderful programme and I'm proud to be part of it. My job is working with teachers to help them deliver it, as well as writing various support materials and some training. It's a wonderful fit with Strictly Positive Teaching.

d) I've been thrown into total panic by the prospect of using social media to draw attention to my message. I can write a book with relative ease, but composing a Tweet or a Facebook status makes me feel 21st century illiterate. But it's something I have to do, even if I cringe every time I try, because the message is too important NOT to get out.

So now I have the bit between my teeth, read on - much more content coming up in the coming days and weeks!

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